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Programming Note: The NFL Sucks, So I’m Going to Costa Rica

Hey guys, Nate here. Letting you know that I’ll be gone until the October 28. I’m getting married this weekend and I’ll be spending my honeymoon in Costa Rica, so updates will have to come strictly from Ben, who is still struggling to find time escaping from his work dungeon to give you piping fresh takes. He’ll continue to have Monday Morning Jerkface, and whatever other stuff he fancies. Maybe Matt will give us another I Suck at Fantasy Football post. Maybe one of our other writers will return from the dead. Maybe you, YES YOU, will write a guest post, send it into, and we’ll run it. Anything could happen.

Ben should have something up tomorrow. Until then, I’ll see you guys unless I fall in love with Costa Rica and never want to leave. Wait, they don’t have DirecTV? Okay, fine, I’ll be back soon.


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Off Topic: How I Almost Became a Spurs Fan

Late on Sunday night, I finally turned off the television as the San Antonio Spurs won their fifth title in fifteen years, beating the vaunted superfriends Miami Heat (Chris Bosh was Aqua Man). I felt pride, not because I was a Spurs fan (Pelicans, bitches: KAW KAW), but because I was among the vast majority of basketball fans who root against the Heat because it’s the fun thing to do. Watching the Spurs play amazing team basketball, some of the best I’ve seen in over a decade, was incredibly enjoyable to me. And the celebration was great, because everyone loves a good celebration.

So I turn my TV off, feeling happy, and I browse to the New Orleans Pelicans fan forum, I look in the forum for someone to acknowledge what I did, how much fun it is to watch a well-constructed team win. I hoped to find someone else who thought that with enough good work, good coaching, and luck, eventually our Pels could do the same thing.

Instead, I found a thread asking if we should sign Heat free agent Michael Beasley. Continue reading

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Off Topic: The Harlem Shake

This has nothing to do with football, but it’s Friday, I’m in the middle of my work shift…and I’m bored as hell.

The Harlem Shake is no doubt the next thing that we’ll all be tired of, but for now it’s cracking me up. If you’re not familiar with the dance, here’s a brief summary: it starts with one person dancing alone, usually masked. Everyone else is playing it cool like they have no idea what’s going on, and as soon as the bass drops everyone gets funky. Check out the KU basketball team making it happen! (note the Chappelle show dance)

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Dear Lions Fans: Don’t blame the refs, blame your coach

Schwartz tried to edit out some of my criticism from this article, but I was going to edit it automatically so then…okay, you get the joke

As a general rule, most fanbases dislike their team’s coach.

Mike McCarthy has delivered a Super Bowl title to my beloved Packers, and yet I still find a way to talk shit about him basically every game. A lot of it is deserved, but a lot of it is just frustrated noise as well. I can’t even imagine how Detroit fans are feeling today however, as it is very rare that you see such tangible evidence of a coach screwing the pooch as badly as Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz did yesterday in his team’s Thanksgiving Day match-up with the Houston Texans.

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We’ll Never Know the Full Story

Yesterday afternoon I was writing up an article that was going to expand on the reasons why the NCAA should get involved in the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State incident.  Things were going well, I was fleshing out some logical arguments as to why it would be in the NCAA’s best interest to not only flex their power, but to use this disaster as a way to strengthen their grip over the college landscape.

Sure, I’m playing devil’s advocate.  I’m a cynic, when it comes to big business – and the NCAA is a GIANT BUSINESS – I always believe there’s an ulterior motive.

Anyways, my friend who told me from the get go, “The NCAA cannot get involved” shoots me an E-Mail.  Sure enough, the NCAA has issued a statement saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, that they will not get involved at this time.  Here’s the full quote… which is fascinating, as the NCAA is not closing the door future involvement.

“Regarding the ongoing Penn State criminal investigation, the NCAA is actively monitoring developments and assessing appropriate steps moving forward. The NCAA will defer in the immediate term to law enforcement officials since this situation involved alleged crimes. As the facts are established through the justice system, we will determine whether Association bylaws have been violated and act accordingly. To be clear, civil and criminal law will always take precedence over Association rules.”

The NCAA bylaws do have a statue of limitations, and since Sandusky was not formally employed with Penn State at the time of the alleged assault on the second victim, there is not much the NCAA can do.  The line I found interesting, but not surprising, in this statement is,

“As the facts are established though the justice system, we will determine whether Association bylaws have been violated and act accordingly.”

To me, that comes across as, “If we can find something to hit Penn State with, don’t worry, we will.” I think it would be a brilliant move for the NCAA to come down hard on Penn State.  Many people feel the NCAA let Auburn (Cam’s dad admitted to the infractions) off the hook, while they came down too hard on USC.  We are still waiting for punishment to be levied against Miami and Ohio State.  With that being said, what happened at Penn State is one giant rotten orange while the incidents at Auburn/USC/Miami are all apples.

I’d love to see the Big10 or the NCAA do something to Penn State, but I’m not holding my breath. Nobody wants to see the players be punished for the actions of a former assistant coach and “friend” of the program, the athletic director, the WR coach/recruiting coordinator, VP of finance, and the Godfather of Penn State, Joe Paterno.

I did find it interesting that Tim Curley, the AD who still has not been formally removed from his position, played for Joe Paterno.  I’m sure that relationship had nothing to do with Curley’s actions when dealing with Sandusky and the allegations Mike McQueary brought up…


Mike McQueary, AKA, “the see no evil ginger” played for Paterno and to me is the giant question mark.  We’ve all heard the questions…why didn’t he break up the rape?  Why did he call his dad first?  Why didn’t he call the cops?  He’s a twenty-eight year old man, why didn’t he stand up against this?  We’ll never know these answers, nor will we ever get an answer that will satisfy the anger that sits in everyone’s stomach when they think about this travesty. Same goes for Paterno and his involvement in this scandal.

What I want to know…why didn’t Mike McQueary keep talking?  Is it coincidence that McQueary was hired in 2000 and Jerry Sandusky retired in 1999?  Karma’s a bitch, eh McQueary?  Imagine what’s going to happen to him if the rumor of Sandusky being a pimp for these young boys is true. 

Penn State will never be the same after this, and while the people responsible for these heinous crimes are going to be punished and/or removed, the program could escape any formal punishments.  Is that fair?  I’m not sure it is.  People are going to say that the Penn State program has already been through enough.  Really?  As soon as the entire coaching staff is cleared out the first sales pitch out to recruits is going to be, “We’re a different program now, we’re moving forward, and we want you to help us.” 

That’s life…a recruiting pitch coming out of the devastation of an unknown amount of young boy’s lives.

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